Saturday, December 06, 2008

Thailand MTB Upcoming Race Events - Dec-Feb2009

Here's a sprinkling of MTB races in Dec2008 to Feb2009 ... translated from the ThaiMTB Race Events section. Links lead to the ThaiMTB forum page.

Dec 14, 2008 -- Phraputhabat, Saraburi -- race / caravan to visit temples -- Contact: Kh Witoon วิฑูรย์ 0819944082. Link.

Dec 17, 2008 -- Patong Beach, Phuket -- Phuket Carnival Adventure Race Challenge Series 2008 -- more details here. Update Dec 22 -- here's the link to the race results. link.

Dec 19, 2008 -- Bangphra, Chonburi -- community mtb race - start/finish at the Bangphra Local Community Administration. Details: contact Kh Chaovalit เชาวลิต 081-4282135. link

Dec 20, 2008 -- Burachart Army Engineer Camp, Ratchaburi -- mountain bike race with mini-marathon - start/finish within the military camp. Details: contact 089-9162005 . link

Jan 18, 2009 -- Pathumthani. somewhat sketchy information, but a race calling itself as Adventure The Series -- some type of an adventure race, but did not elaborate further. no start/stop info. Get the details here - 0840719592-027189581-2 Khun Nid. link.

Jan 17, 2009 -- Jombeung, Ratchaburi -- annual marathon / mtb race -- here's the link.

Jan 25, 2009 -- K
amala, Phuket -- organized by Khao Kamala MTB club -- contact: Gopiak 084-6890691 อภัย บุหลัน (โกเปี๊ยก) -- details here.

Jan 25 as well but in Udonthani. -- sponsored by the Tesabal. Contacts - Kh Tone 081-261-3210 and Kh Loh 081-975-0015. Link.

Feb 8, 2009 -- Ban Bueng, Chonburi -- organized by Khlong Kiu MTB. Details Kh Chai 089-9394840. Map and class categories detailed in the forum. here's the link. Pre-ride anyone? This one's not so far from BKK.

Here's another one on the same day Feb 8 in Sakhon Nakhon. This seems to be the 3rd installment of this yearly event. Contacts: Mr Teung 08-3670-2458 and Kh Toi C4 08-7636-7578. Link.

Feb 15, 2009 - Jomthong, Chiangmai -- organized by Jomthong Bicycle fitness Club. Details - phone no 053-341134. Link is still just a teaser. Site claims more details to follow later. Link.

Feb 22, 2009 -- Pattaya Triathlon -- organized by the city and Pattaya Triathlon. Finally, a link with English texts. you can check out the details yourself in -- link. Contact: Kh Prayoon - 081-9962323.

Sorry that i had to do the shortcut on the translation. Too pressed for time to do that in this blog. Hope, though, that this gets you pointed in the right direction.



Ryan said...

Great that your posting the race sched. so many Thai illiterate riders can never find these.

Bruised Knee said...

... right on. it is not easy to get information on upcoming events as most info are in Thai websites and in Thai language.

There was an English section in a few months back where some info could trickle into -- but too bad that has gone the way of the dodo birds, as well ...

will try to pick out interesting events and try to post it here ...


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