Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Spinervals got me going

Following my resolve to get in shape after being a couch potato for so long in Bangkok, i initially thought of riding my bicycle to work.

Since my apartment is just seven kilometers away from the factory, I was smugly thinking whether I would even break out a sweat at such a short commute.

Not even five minutes out on the road, I:
a) had to dodge an early morning noodle shop mugging the whole sidewalk
b) was nearly ran over by a motorcycle, and
c) was nearly squished by ten-wheeler trucks loaded with 40" containers bouncing along the potmarked asphalt roads.

I did break out in a sweat, cold sweat, that is but not from the exercise, but from fear of becoming roadkill.

Mind you, most of Thailand is not like this, but luckily, I live right beside the busy industrial seaport of Laem Chabang. Thousands of container lorries coming from hundreds of kilometers away make a beeline to the port. Most of the drivers may have been driving for hours and are just getting along on Red Bull fumes, and therefore, might be too groggy and too tired to notice a struggling lone biker like me.

That was when I decided to my do exercising on a trainer at the safety of my single bedroom apartment. My problem is, for me, pedalling on a trainer is just about exciting as holding my breath. I feel like my head is going to explode for every second that ticks by. Its simply tedious. Talk about time dilation effect.

A search in Google led me to the Spinervals website. With a corny teaser like this:

"You have taken the first step toward becoming a better cyclist. Your interest in Spinervals cycling videos shows a sincere desire to improve your pedal power. This desire, fueled by the know-how and training intensity contained in each Spinervals video workout will have you smoking your friends on the road and trail in no time!"

... im hooked. I liked the smoking your friends part. Somehow, I am the one the gets the smoked part.

Anyway, two weeks of trainer work using the Spinerval videos got me feeling decent about myself again. Will hit the trails this Saturday. Tam Pra Toon!


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